Monday, January 14, 2013

Hercules Movie Night

"Honey you mean HUNK-ules"...
I have to admit. Hercules is one of my all time favs. I think its because of Meg. She talks fast and is crazy sassy like me...I could be Meg right?!? And you know the hubs is Hercules...Hubba Hubba!
Anyhoo... So I have to admit I didn't actually make the dinner when we had the Hercules night...I was kinda cranky and tired because we were having car troubles and had to go pick up the car. Soooo... if you want to be lazy like me go to a Pita Pit near you and get some tasty bites (the Philly cheese steak is my FAVORITE!), but in case you want to be on top of things or choose the non lazy route I did plan out the menu so here it is...

-Hero Sandwiches (any kind you want just use "Hero Rolls")
-Hercul-ade (I would do lemonade) Just like the little bad guys drink in the movie!
-Phil's Tomato soup

-Big Hunk bars
-Dum Dum-bell suckers
-Super hero pop rocks (our dollar tree had some)

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