Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Headbands

Check out my cute new headbands I've been working on! Most, if not all include a fun piece of jewlery that inspires me to design the headband. I will be selling them soon in my etsy shop. I'd love any feed back you all have! P.s. Please excuse my "interesting" pictures just admire the content.
I was so excited to find this funky earring that inspired this equally funky headband.

You can't go wrong with the feather/tulle combo! Plus black and red combo... HELLO!!

When i first made this flower I almost tossed it 'cause it was so big... 
but I kinda love it... What do you think?

My favorite color combo black and white... throw in some zebra I'm sold!

Alright everybody now I need feed back. Are there color combos you'd love to see, or fun accessories or add-ons that would make for a fun headband??? Let me know what you think!

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