DIY Glitter Toes!! 
I have a neice that has really been wanting glitter toes. But sister-in-law and i being the thrifty ladies we are thought why pay $15-$20 bucks to go get it done when i'm sure there is an easier way. So my sister-in-law when on over to Sally's beauty and they had a gel nail polish and glitter. Now I'm not sure if these are the exact products, but these are the ones I decided I wanted to try. The nail polish is  called Gelous and the glitter is just the Sally's brand. 
Here's my foot before the glitter (I thought I'd be lazy and leave on the polish I had on, but you don't really need an undercoat of color.
 So I just put on a thin layer of the Gelous and dumped the glitter on top (while wet)
 Then you just shake of your foot and add a top coat. Let the polish dry, rinse off your toes and...
 I did figure out when doing my friends that if you don't have a color underneath you may want to do two layers of glitter to make sure it's good and coated. The best part is that it comes off with nail polish remover!

Product Review

Recently I was chatting on Facebook about this product. A few people said they didn't like it, but most loved it. I had never tried it and thought i should get my hands on a little bottle of it. 
So here are my thoughts.

It can go in a matte color line to add shine
A little bit goes a long way
Its very light for a hair oil
Doesn't contain alcohol like its competition
The price tag compared to its competition
I would have liked more shine when put in hair color
Didn't notice much of a difference in blow dry time

The result in my opinion is that is a good product. I'm glad I tried it and I can see why people like it. Whether or not i think it is worth the extra money... jury is still out. I need to play with is some more in different hair types, but as for right now Farouk still has my loyalty.