Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elf Night

So as most of you know we like to have Animated movie nights at our house monday nights. At christmas time we had an "Elf" night with some friends of ours. 

We went to a local venue that had reindeer and a man carving Ice sculptures. It was a blast, the kids all loved it! (Sorry about the terrible phone pics!)
Here's the kids at the Reindeer pen...
My oldest showing his excitement...

And my littlest man who looks like Randy from a christmas story....

 *Spaghetti and meat balls
*Soda (for belching! ;)
*Scones with syrup (Its one of the main food groups...)
Santa (green) salad

* Snowy Popcorn (white chocolate popcorn)
*Candy canes
*Hot cocoa

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