Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY Chevron Dresser

So a neighbor of mine had this little beauty out on the street with a free sign on it, and with me being me ...I saw the amazing potential and had to have it.  I talked the hubby into dragging it home in the dead of the night...cause that's how we roll.

 So after I gave this baby a good scrub down; my first step was to put a little black paint on the parts of the dresser where I wanted it to show through.

Here's what the drawers looked like...

Next step is to add some Petroleum Jelly on top of the black. Now I realized through trial and error that less is more; though I did like that in a few spots big chunks came off.  
Then I mixed up some Chalk paint to put over the top. I've found that it works great over laminate (no sanding necessary!) Yahoo!
Here's the link to the recipe I used...

Then I taped off the drawer fronts and the top. Now the easiest way to do this is to actually cut the painter's tape with scissors. Then it gives you that clean cut to make straight stripes. 
Then I measured out the middle of the drawers and made that where my "bump down" was going to happen. 
For the top I made a few straight lines with the tape to measure out the different rows...I used an egg carton; because that was about the width that I liked. Then I kinda eye balled it from there where I wanted the points to go.
Last but not least I did two coats of my black paint...waited until it was mostly dry ('cause I can never wait any longer then that) and then ripped off the tape.
At this point you will want to take a rag and pat/wipe the areas where there was the Petroleum Jelly to reveal your darker color. Patting will only show the "under color" a little and wiping it will make it show a lot.

Then you just top with a wax finish or polyurethane and....
You have a ridiculously awesome new dresser!
Here's the top view...

Here's the amazing knobs...they're from Hobby Lobby, and I spray painted them sunshine yellow.
One more shot of the whole thing.
 What do you think? I really like the weathered look, and I love that I didn't need to "touch up" the lines because it kinda just goes with the whole look.

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Terra S said...

If we ever move closer to your neck of the valley, you totally need to teach me some crafting! Love the dresser makeover!